Summer Camps

...summer camps are FUN!... 

Seaside camps are open to any athlete, experienced or novice who wants to 
learn the game and improve their volleyball skills.

 Summer Camp Schedule: 

The following camps are available for registration for NOVICE and INTERMEDIATE athletes. Stay tuned for registration and schedules for ADVANCED athletes on May 1st, 2021.

July 5th to 9th

July 12th to 16th

August 9th to 13th

How to Register:

If you are NOT a current Volleyball BC Member: 

These camps require you to purchase a VBC Youth annual Recreational Player membership in order to register ($12.50 + GST)  

Step 1: To purchase this membership please click here LINK

Step 2: Select Youth Recreational Player and press REGISTER

Step 3: Select sign-up to create a Sportlomo Account

Step 4: After creating your Sportlomo account you will be re-directed to Seaside’s HOME MENU.  Select REGISTER/RENEW, then select Youth Recreational player and pay via credit card.

Step 5:  After you make the membership payment return to the HOME MENU (left-hand menu bar) and select Events. You will see a list of camps. Select BUY for the camp you want to attend.

If you are ALREADY a current Volleyball BC Member (You have purchased the Youth Recreational or Competitive Player Membership): 

Step 1: Simply go to this CAMP LINK.

Step 2: See the list of camps. At the bottom of the page select the Purchase/Register for Events (green) button.

Step 3: Select BUY for the camp(s) you want to attend.


We are excited to see you back on the courts this summer!



 Updated: April 5th, 2021